Dino-Lite PodoScope

A podiatrist is a medical professional that can diagnose and treat diseases of the foot and ankle. Also, people with foot problems caused by, for example rheumatism or diabetes mellitus, visit the podiatrist. Problems with knee and back that originate in the misuse or malfunction of the foot are also within the scope of the podiatrist. Podiatrists have several tools at their disposal such as a foot mirror and a foot scanner, but they can also use the Dino-Lite PodoScope. With the Podoscope they can detect microangiopathy at an early stage, which means that diabetic neuropathy can be prevented.

With the PodoScope changes in the skin of the foot and the foot itself can be documented by taking photographs and making movies as well. These images can be stored in the file of the patient. The podiatrist and his patient can view the images in real time on a laptop, Windows tablet or computer. An external light source is not required in the investigation, since the PodoScope features built-in LED lights with eight bright white LEDs. The lighting and PodoScope themselves are powered via the USB port, so that the PodoScope is always ready and does not depend on batteries.