Dino-Lite WF-10 WiFi Streamer


             Use your Dino-Lite digital microscope wirelessly
           with an iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device



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Live Streaming


Capture Images & Video


Broadcast up to 15m

Wirelessly transmit a live video image from
the Dino-Lite to your mobile device
  Use the iPhone/iPad app to capture images
and video
  Broadcast up to 15m (50ft) and to
multiple devices



Wireless microscope solution


Broad compatibility

Use a Dino-Lite over WiFi   iOS, Android, and other mobile devices  
wf10 multiple devices   phones  
Ideal for field work, classrooms, and presentations. The WiFi adapter enables live streaming from a compatible Dino-Lite to a compatible mobile device.
Broadcast up to 15m and stream to multiple devices simultaneously.
  Use the WiFi adapter with most Dino-Lite USB models and with iOS, Android, or other mobile devices.  





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Dino-Lite WiFi Streamer (WF-10)