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Photonic optics develops high quality LED illumination systems for many different applications, including microscopy. For over 30 years Photonic has been providing modular systems at a good price/performance ratio, making it the ideal partner for Dino-Lite digital microscopes. Especially the Dino-Lite Long Working Distance and Extra Long Working Distance models can benefit from the flexible illumination systems of Photonic. It complements the integrated LED’s of the Dino-Lite microscopes perfectly.

Number of products: 3


  • High power LED spot, 2 pieces
  • Flexible arms, 2 individual pieces
  • Individually mounted on a base plate
  • Control unit: brightness and on/off

PH-F1 set

  • Fiber optic illumination, LED
  • Fiber optic light guide: Double-arm goose-neck
  • High power cold light source, metal housing
  • Adjustable brightness control

PH-HPS set

  • High power LED spots
  • 2-arms, flexible
  • MS35/36B stand adapter
  • Control unit: brightness and on/off