The ultimate solution in portable microscopy

The ultimate solution in portable microscopy, a dedicated combination of a Dino-Lite digital microscope with high magnification and a portable digital recorder with a 5 inch LCD panel.







  • Lightweight
  • Pocket sized
  • Real time image/ video capture optionD15-3


The D15 LCD recorder is a lightweight, pocket sized inspection device with real time image/video capture options. Pictures and videos can be recorded onto a MicroSD card, so that they can be easily transferred to the PC with the USB cable or card reader. A great tool for scientific or medical field research or for quality control in production environments. The D15 LCD recorder can be used with any Dino-Lite analog model with an AV connection.


Broad range of applications, especially where it is undesirable or inconvenient to use a computer or laptop.

  • Scientific/ medical field research
  • Inspection in industrial/ production environments
  • On-site forensics
  • In the field biological research

D15-5Technical specifications D15 LCD recorder:

  • Captures JPG images + AVI movie files
  • 5 inch TFT LCD display
  • Resolution: 720 x 576
  • Supports MicroSD card (a 4 GB card is included)
  • Frame Rate: Up to 30 FPS (Frames per second)
  • USB port to directly transfer content to a PC

Available Models*:


  • Adjustable 10-70x, 200x
  • For generic applications


  • Adjustable 10-70x, 200x
  • Polarizer anti-reflection


  • Adjustable 10-90x
  • Long working distance
  • Ideal solution for working under the microscope (i.e. repair/ precision assembly tasks)

* All these models are also available in a robust metal housing.
* The D15 LCD recorder can be used with any Dino-Lite analog model with an AV connection.