Dino-Lite for the Electronics industry (ESD-safe)

esd-6esdDino-Lite offers a full range of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)-safe digital microscopes and accessories, specifically designed with the needs of the electronics industry in mind.

The robust aluminium housing of the ESD safe microscope models generates no significant static. The special ESD-safe stands are finished with a specially-formulated, ESD-safe coating, developed for environments involving sensitive electronic circuits. This makes the Dino-Lite a safe and essential tool for anyone in the electronics industry, for inspection, quality control, rework/repair or precision assembly tasks.


  • Solder Inspectionesd-8esd-5
  • Component Inspection
  • Failure Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Counterfeit Component Detection
  • BGA Inspection Assembly


esd-7All USB Dino-Lite models come with a professional, multilingual software suite, both for Windows and MacOS. With the software, images and videos can be captured, or shared live over the internet, which makes it very simple to cooperate with colleagues, customers or suppliers all over the world. The integrated measurement functionality with calibration option allows for accurate measurements of all sorts (line, circle, angles, polygons, etc.).

The integrated, fully adjustable polarizer reduces the reflections of the LEDs that could occur, resulting in crystal clear high quality images.

Several models offer a long working distance which makes working under the microscope possible. The Microtouch snapshot function allows for easy taking of pictures, simply by touching the sensor on the microscope.

For situations where image capturing is not required, but real-time images are vital, the Dino-Lite VGA models with D-Sub connection are the right choice. They offer a very high frame rate (up to 60 fps) and crystal clear images.

esd-1 esd-2 esd-10 esd-9


Brochure for the Electronics industry (ESD-Safety)