Software Development

System integration is bringing together a component subsystems into one system and ensuring that the subsystems functions together. This exactly is what Dino-Lite can help you with when you do not have or do not want to have the expertise needed for developing optical equipment for quality assurance tasks.

mass spectrometerWith over 10 years of highly specialized knowledge and skills Dino-Lite is seen as the expert in the field of digital optics and digital microscopy. This expertise is being used by many companies around the world that produce, develop and sell high-tech machines and devices and need the best suitable quality inspection tool to integrate into their equipment. These devices cover a wide variety of applications, Dino-Lite microscopes are integrated in machines for tissue engineering, laser hair removal machines, drink can seam inspection machines, machines for material analysis, specialist laboratory equipment or other equipment for quality assurance tasks.

Customization and Software Development Kit (SDK)

nanoindentation systemIf you need a Dino-Lite digital microscope but need extra customization or features? From custom LED wavelength to special adapters or accessories, contact us with your ideas and we will work to find a solution for your needs. We can also supply a software development kit (SDK) which allows developers to easily add control of Dino-Lite digital microscopes. It works with any Windows-compatible device and offers the complete control over LED and Microtouch on the Dino-Lite. Moreover, it provides simple methods for extracting color, real-time binary image, image comparing, etc. The SDK is available free of charge for Dino-Lite partners and users.

Request the software development kit (SDK) here

Third party software

All Dino-Lite USB products are supplied with the DinoCapture and DinoXcope software, which was developed in-house and provides an excellent and stable software environment with features that fulfill most application needs. Specific applications or specialized markets often require additional functionality. To stay ahead of the market we are constantly looking to integrate new and specialized software packages with the Dino-Lite digital microscopes. This makes the combination between the Dino-Lite hardware and software even more suitable to the high demands of markets like the industrial or medical sectors.


mass spectrometer     drinks can seam inspection     nanoindentation system     service engineer inspection kit
Mass spectrometer with ion source   Drinks can seam inspection    Nanoindentation system with
a Dino-Lite in use
  Service engineer inspection
kit with Dino-Lite
dvs system   print quality control system        
DVS Advantage system with integrated
Dino-Lite for visualisation
  Print quality control system
with Dino-Lite integrated