The N3C-A coaxial light cap is a useful accessory for the Dino-Lite Edge models from the Long Working Distance range. Especially difficult to inspect surfaces such as metal, plastics or glass benefit from this addition.

Inside the small and light front cap an ingenious mirroring system with a beam splitter has been integrated. The combination of coaxial lighting, a high sensitive camera and a magnification of up to 140 times makes it possible to visualize even the smallest scratches and dents on any surface. The coaxial lighting does also eliminate disturbing shadows making it easier to look inside small holes in the material you wish to check.

The NC3-A coaxial light cap is interchangeable with other caps from the Dino-Lite range. The optimum result can be achieved by using it in combination with a Dino-Lite Edge model from the Long Working Distance range (LWD).

Additional Info

  • Details

  • Accessory range:
    Light and control
  • Price range:
    €50,00 - €150,00
  • ESD-Safe:
  • Dimensions:
    18.5mm (H) x 30.3mm (D)
  • Weight:
    6 g
  • Compatible with:
    All Edge models (AM41xx, AM45xx, AM48xx, AM71xx, AM75xx, AM78xx, AM79xx)
  • Package contents:
    N3C-A coaxial light cap, Quick start guide
  • Warranty:
    1 year European warranty