The KM-01 can be used to control the Dino-Lite focus wheel without touching the device. This is especially useful when the Dino-Lite needs to be isolated during use.

The touch controls on the durable KM-01 control box provide instant response, but the KM-01 can also be controlled with the DinoCapture 2.0 software. The KM-01 can be mounted on the MS35B/MS36B/RK-10A Dino-Lite stands, or on 3rd party stands with a 10mm diameter pole.

The KM-01 is compatible with certain models of Dino-Lite. Please consult your local reseller or Dino-Lite Europe for further information.

Additional Info

  • Details

  • Accessory range:
    Light and control
  • Price range:
    €250,00 - €350,00
  • ESD-Safe:
  • Dimensions:
    77.14mm (L) 65.55mm (W) 98mm (H)
  • Weight:
    340 g (Motor) 110 g (Control Box)
  • Compatible with:
    Please inquire with your local Dino-Lite sales representative for compatibility information
  • Package contents:
    Motor, Control Box, C-Clip, Set Screws, AC Adapter, USB Cable, Male/Female 2 Pin Circular DIN Connector, Software CD
  • Warranty:
    1 year European warranty