The Dino-Lite DentalScope is a very handy and useful tool for dentists, oral hygienist and dental laboratory to make images of teeth and oral cavity. The DentalScope can magnify between 20x and 30x and the image can be viewed on the monitor of a PC, laptop or Windows tablet thanks to the USB connection. The small size, USB power supply and LED lights on board makes the DentalScope easy to use and always ready for action. The pictures and video made with the dedicated software program can be easily stored in the patient file.

With the magnification of up to 30x the dentist has a better view of the defect that needs to be treated and the patient can be shown to the patient on the spot and the result can be easily compared to the initial situation.

Another application is the determination of colours, for instance for facings, as the patient can consult with dentist or dental technician about the desired colour and the gradient of the facing colour.

A dental hygienist can show the tartar that needs to be removed as well as discolorations by wine, tea or smoking. Patients can also see the way inadequate oral hygiene can cause bleeding at the gums. Before-and-after photos can be enlightening and increase the patients understanding.

Obviously the DentalScope is certified according to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, modified 2007/47/EC. The Dino-Lite DentalScope is supplied with dedicated software for Windows and MacOS.