Trichoscopy, Hair (2)

Dino-Lite TrichoScope increases turnover for hairdressers and beauty parlours

The Italian company Exagon Engineering is leading in the development of software for retail organisations, especially hairdressers and beauty parlours. The company has developed software that in combination with the Dino-Lite TrichoScope will help to find the right products to treat hair and skin problems. The number of products for hair treatment and improvement in a hair salon is huge. This is also true for the sheer amount of different cosmetics products in a beauty parlour. Selling these products is of high value to the hairdresser or cosmetician, but in practice this type of upsell in their stores is not easy. Their customer are in doubt because of lack of evidence about the usefulness.

To address this problem Exagon developed software that can analyse possible skin and hair problems by using a Dino-Lite TrichoScope, a digital microscope. Exagon director Antonio Visconti: “Trichoscopy is the young science studying the health of hair and scalp. The customer can see the pictures while the hairdresser or cosmetician is doing the examination. With the strongly magnified image of hair, scalp or skin the Exagon Engineering software creates an advice about the product or products that the hairdresser or cosmetician can recommend. Using the Dino-Lite TrichoScope with the Exagon software increases the total sale of hair and skin treatment products strongly.”

Easy software integration

Exagon Engineering is able to customize the software for every hairdresser, beauty parlour supplier of cosmetic products, assuring that only products are recommended that are actually available. Visconti: “At the moment we have the details of more than 300 manufacturers in our database, allowing us to create a tailor made solution for each customer. The Dino-Lite TrichoScope has proven to be the best product for this application. The scalp, follicles and hair can be studied in close detail. Thanks to the Software Development Kit (SDK) supplied by Dino-Lite the integration with our software has become very simple, which was a major reason to choose Dino-Lite.”

The TrichoScope is sturdy, it allows for magnifications up 200 and even 500 times with resolutions of 1,3 or 5 megapixel, depending on the model. The TrichoScope is CE certified as a medical device. It has 8 integrated LED making an external light source unnecessary and with power coming from the USB connection there is no need to replace or recharge batteries. These properties make the Dino-Lite TrichoScope the right choice for every hairdresser, beauty parlour or manufacturer of cosmetics products.