Trichoscopy, Hair

Quote-box-hairHair science with a Dino-Lite TrichoScope

The company Hantesis sells a wide range of hair treatment products to professional hairdressers across Europe. Besides that, Hantesis is selling the Dino-Lite TrichoScope. "The TrichoScope allows hair specialists that sell our products to recognize problems with hair and scalp", explains Hantesis marketing manager Luca Dellaversana. "Our hair specialists can study the hair, the hair shaft and the scalp with the TrichoScope and determine what the problem is and how it can be solved. The device is very easy to use and because of the USB connection the customers can watch the result on the computer screen together with the specialist. The enlarged image can be used to explain to the customer how our products can help to solve the problem. Using the TrichoScope gives added value to our products and supports our hair specialists in their work."

Quote-box-hair2Hantesis had worked with a hair microscope before but this was no success because it was expensive, the magnification was low and you had to study the manual before you could use it. Dellaversana: "Then we came across the TrichoScope by Dino-Lite. Easy to operate, LED lighting built in, powered over USB and very affordable. We made real work of this and I estimate that around 1.000 hair specialists now work with the TrichoScope. It shows that you take your business and your customers seriously and provide fitting solutions to the real problems. So we will continue to offer the Dino-Lite TrichoScope as part of the line of accessories that we supply to our customers. There is a clear demand for this."