Researching graphical quality

Researching graphical quality at the Print Technology Division of the Warsaw University of Technology.

The Print Technology Division of the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland is using four types of Dino-Lite digital microscopes to analyse the quality of printed images and photographs. This research includes zooming in on microscopic changes in paper and card stock during the printing process. In addition, the university's researchers use the digital microscopes to monitor the various stages of book-binding. These include cutting, folding and testing the physical endurance of bound books.

"Excellent image analysis quality for a fair price"

Dr. Georgij Petriaszwili, professor at the Print Technology Division, says, "Dino-Lite provides excellent image analysis quality for a fair price. Until recently we were using other microscope brands. They were expensive and didn't always meet our needs. I first learned about the quality of Dino-Lite during a visit to the Arteveldehogeschool [Artevelde University College] in Ghent, Belgium. When I returned home to Poland, I started reading more about the options and the diverse models of Dino-Lite digital microscopes. I was pleasantly surprised. What's really important for us is that, in spite of the differences between Dino-Lite microscopes, the performance and support software form a well-coordinated package. We're definitely keeping track of any new developments from Dino-Lite. I expect that we'll be using the WiFi features in the near future to process greater numbers of images online."

The Print Technology Division of the Warsaw University of Technology trains specialists in analysing the image quality of graphical products. The division cooperates closely with graphics companies and printers throughout Poland. By 2018, the division will have been in existence for fifty years. Thus far, the division has trained over two thousand scientific professionals in the field of graphics arts. New generations of graphics researchers at the Warsaw University of Technology are using the following Dino-Lite microscopes: Edge AM7115 MZT, AM4113T-FVW, Premier AM3713 TB, Premier AM41132 TL (R4).

"A well-coordinated package"