Primary education

Quote-box-primary-edDino-Lite in primary education

The Dino-Lite USB microscope gives students instant access to the small world. Up to 200 times magnifications give a wonderful insight to details that normally stay hidden.

Just connect the Dino-Lite Basic (AM2111) to the PC and you get instant results on the screen. You can study insects, electronics, printed materials and so much more. The Dino-Lite Basic has a price performance that makes it suitable for use by individual students in the classroom. The Dino-Lite Pro is the ideal solution to show and discuss microscopic images in the classroom. Use the Dino-Lite Pro (for instance AM4113T or AM7013MT) with its high resolution on a digital blackboard or on a screen.

This Dino-Lite model features a touch button to capture images directly. With the DinoCapture software you can even make measurements on the pictures. To make really good pictures with the Dino-Lite, the use of a stand is recommended. The flexible stand (MS33W) can be oriented in all directions. The professional stand MS35B offers even more precision. The position of the Dino-Lite can be fixed and adapted vertically.