Podiatry with a PodoScope


PodoScope helps to professionalize podiatry

Professor Mauro Montesi is the president of the Italian Association of Podiatrists (AssociazioneItalianaPodologi ). Currently, the organization has 270 members spread across Italy. Montesi is a big fan of the Dino-Lite PodoScope because he believes it provides a large contribution to the professionalization of the podiatry profession.

Montesi: "The main advantage of using the PodoScope is that it allows podiatrists to make images of the skin of the foot by capturing the microscopic images. In this way the clinical development of, for example, a possible injury can be followed easily. Thanks to the PodoScope small cracks in the skin can be discovered at an early stage, which is important because bacteria can accumulate in these small cracks and in turn cause major infections, with consequences for the mobility of the patient.Quote-box-podoscope-2 Late discovery may even lead to neuropathy. Therefore we strongly recommend the use of the PodoScope in some cases. It is now our task to make our members aware of the existence of the PodoScope, explaining that its use will significantly professionalize our profession."