Industrial quality control

Quote-box-ind-q-cntrl-1Industrial quality control

Due to miniaturisation and mass customization, the demands on quality control have increased heavily. Quality control in many industrial fields can benefit greatly from the Dino-Lite digital microscopes. Checking the quality of milling, painting, assembly, manufacturing, tooling has already become daily work for Dino-Lite in thousands of industrial companies. Dino-Lite is easy to use and affordable, but also offers digital storage of images and video's with software options such as measurement, annotation and comparing images.

Highly innovate industries such as automotive, aeronautics, electronics, medical device manufacturers can greatly benefit from Dino-Lite because of the speed and portability of both the regular USB Dino-Lite models, the high speed models or even the Dino-Lite mobile solution with 5 inch portable screen. More traditional industries such as print and paper, paint and lacquer, metal and plastics production, textiles but also foodstuffs, packaging and many more can now use microscopy across the full production chain. In all industries, one can now easily exchange quality information with suppliers and customers but also assure high level product support and problem solving across the supply chain.Quote-box-ind-q-cntrl-2

Dino-Lite digital microscopes can be implemented in larger industrial systems and integrated into existing software solutions with the Software Development Kit (SDK). Or you can digitize existing microscopy equipment with one of the ocular camera's from the DinoEye eyepiece range that are is software compatible with Dino-Lite. Software partners have made application solutions for specific industries, please check the software menu on this website.