Graphical industry

Quote-box-printingPrinting control with a Dino-Lite USB microscope

With the Dino-Lite digital microscopes the graphic industry has found a versatile way to check printing, printing plates and paper structure. Printing companies are excited about the possibilities of Dino-Lite for quality control of printing and paper. Niels Brügemann, owner of printing company Brügemann: "With the Dino-Lite USB microscope we can easily and very detailed check prints and offset plates! The Dino-Lite USB microscope is an excellent addition of the ancient magnifier, which we are using for decades. The USB microscope enlarges up to 200x, which enables us to easily and very detailed check prints or paper structure. With one push of the button, the images are saved on the PC. Besides the checking of prints we can also check the offset plates for unevenness."

According to Katinka Hetem van Wijk, product manager supplies at Tetterode-Nederland, Dino-Lite eases the communication of technical aspects in the graphic field much more efficiently. "With the Dino-Lite we are able to zoom in on the print or plate, which makes the cause of a (print technical) problem much clearer. Especially the alternative to mail the ("photos") makes communication in our profession a lot more efficient."