DermaScope/ EarScope in Use

Quote-box-doctor-derm-earA general practitioner using the Dino-Lite

A general practitioner in Baarn, The Netherlands is using several Dino-Lite models:

My Dino-Lite EarScope provides beautiful images of the inside of the ear, I use it to inspect my patient's tympanic membranes. I can even inspect my own eardrum by means of the EarScope.

Because the Dino-Lite microscopes are directly connected to the USB port of my PC, the pictures can immediately be checked on a large screen and shared with my patients, batteries are never dead, the light is always good. As the Dino-Lite microscopes are connected to my PC, I can store and share images easily and quickly.

Pictures made with Dino-Lite can be stored in the Electronic Patient File simply by means of 3 mouse clicks. I can easily add pictures to my 'library' of skin affections.Quote-box-doctor-derm-ear2

In Baarn's Meander Hospital there is a special policlinic for "suspect skin spots", where the dermatologist can take a biopsy right on the first appointment, if alerted by the patient's general practitioner. A picture says more than many words; the emergency of a patient's case can be judged very quickly. I am very fond of visualization."